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        Informed Sources:People's Daily Online    

        "We don't support the high home prices, and hope that the increasing local supply on ordinary commodity housing can satisfy the house buyers whose aim is not speculation."

        On September 28, Qi Ji, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), spoke out at the press conference that he hoped the local governments could release more about commercial house construction, planning and programming to the media in order to let the public have a reasonable expectation.

        Qi responded to the issue "whether China's real estate is overheating or not". He said frankly, "we have noticed that some enterprises purchased lands at very high prices in some cities along with the recovery of the real estate market. At the same time, we have also observed that relevant authorities introduced some measures and policies towards those phenomena."

        He pointed out that the MOHURD wish the local governments could offer more land used for ordinary commodity housing at middle and low prices in a planned way. "That will supply more affordable commodity housing for meeting the demand of owner-occupied home buyers."

        Qi stated that general comparison between U.S. and Chinese house prices makes no sense. "We do not support the high house prices," he said.

        He also responded to the dispute of affordable housing system. Qi expressed that the system was in adjustment. Amid it, the issues in the administration would be tackled through refining policies and strengthening supervision and management.

        By People's Daily Online

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