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      3. BELKOMMUNTECH - 2009
        Informed Sources:tradeindia    

        6th International specialized exhibition

        Show Dates
         Start Date 
         3rd November 2009  End Date   6th November 2009

        Venue - Exhibition pavilion, 14, Pobediteley Avenue,

        City - Minsk

        Country - Belarus

        Exhibitor Product profile
        Heating systems and equipment, Boilers, hot-water boilers, burners, interior heaters, water heaters, radiant heating systems, fireplaces, floor heating systems; measuring and control instrumentation, Water supply, sewage system: water cleaning technologies and technical means, pipes and fittings, pumps, stop valve, compact sewage disposal plants, water analysis, water-meters, Gas supply: equipment and systems for commercial control of natural and technical gas, gas-fired boilers, gas-cylinders, equipment for gas-filling stations, pipes and stop valve, gas analyzers, Ventilation, air conditioning, Fire fighting and smoke removal, Security systems, video monitoring, control and access restriction aids, Radio- and television networks and communications, New energy-efficient technologies for municipalities, Maintenance of housing areas, public roads and internal territories, Treatment of municipal waste and sewage, cleaning of building fronts, snow-ploughs, mini-washers, high pressure washers, stationary washing plants, Urban areas improvement. Nature complexes and green plantings.

        Show Project  Manager(s)
        Mr. Olga Siniatova

        Minsk Expo JSC
        Timiryazev Str. 65,
        Minsk ĘC 220035 (Belarus)
        • Tel: 375-17-2269083/2269858      
        • Fax: 375-17-2269858/2269936
        Disclaimer : The information furnished has been collected from varied sources, and hence, is subject to change. To confirm the show schedule kindly contact the show organiser.

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